Cyndi Lauper Compares Donald Trump to Hitler

We recently spoke with Cyndi Lauper in an interview, and since then she has joined the growing list of celebrities who have compared Republican candidate Donald Trump to Hitler.

Her comments follow fairly closely on the heels of similar comments from Cher, when she spoke at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser, calling Trump a “f**king idiot” and compared the Republican candidate to “despots, you know Stalin or Hitler”.

Cyndi expressed similar opinions when discussing the Presidential nominee with San Diego’s Morning News.

“The things that he says are appalling to me and shocking. I was so shocked when he started to talk about the LGBT community, when in fact, people who did amazing work on his Celebrity Apprentice show were gay.”

“You don’t talk about your employees like that ever. Even as a boss you have a responsibility for the people who work for you.”

As you may recall, Lauper appeared alongside Trump in season 9 of Celebrity Apprentice. She not only spoke out against Trump, she also criticised his daughter Ivanka, who is still attempting to sell her father as a pro-LGBT candidate despite his comments to the contrary.

Cyndi said: ““No matter what his daughter says, it has nothing to do with what that guy is selling. That guy is selling inflammatory things that I have never in my whole entire life heard – except, you know, Hitler.”

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Cyndi Lauper Compares Donald Trump to Hitler
Cyndi Lauper compared the Republican candidate Donald Trump to Hitler.