Former fight promoter now living as a woman

Former boxing promoter Frank Maloney has announced that he is living as a woman called Kellie and is undergoing a sex change.

As a man, the 61-year-old was the manager of former world heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis.

"I was born in the wrong body and have always known I was a woman," Kellie told the Sunday Mirror. "I have a female brain. I knew I was different from the minute I could compare myself to others."

She went on to say that she had never felt comfortable doing boys' things or playing boys' games, and that she had spent years scared that her desire to become a woman would be exposed to the world.

"I have never been able to tell anyone in boxing," she said. "Can you imagine me walking into a boxing hall dressed as a woman and putting an event on? I can imagine what they would scream at me. But if I had been in the theatre or arts world, nobody would blink an eye about this transition."

Kellie has been undergoing hormone treatment and is more than a year into her transition into becoming a woman.

Lennox Lewis said that he was initially shocked at this former manager's news, but respected her decision.

"However, having taken some time to read Kellie's statements, I understand better what she, and others in similar situations, are going through," he said. "I think that all people should be allowed to live their lives in a way that brings them harmony and inner peace.

"I respect Kellie's decision and say that if this is what brings about true happiness in her life, then so be it."

During the London mayoral election of 2004, Maloney stood as the UKIP candidate but refused to campaign in Camden claiming it was too full of gays and lesbians.

However, Maloney denied he was homophobic at the time and told the BBC: “I don’t think they do a lot for society… what I have a problem with is them openly flaunting their sexuality.”