Kickstarter Campaign For YouTube Series, My Gay Roommate

The super popular YouTube web series, My Gay Roommate, wants to come to a television near you. If you aren’t familiar with it, the plot of the series is about two college roommates—one who is straight and one who is gay—who become best friends.

The YouTube show has had three seasons and has received over 5.6 million views. It’s been noticed by such mainstream publications as The New York Times and Vanity Fair. The creators have now initiated a Kickstarter campaign to develop the series into a full length 30-minute television pilot.

The creators, Noam Ash and Austin Bening, hope to raise the $65,000 needed to reinvent the show into a full episode for the small screen. Here’s what they say on Kickstarter:

“We are so excited to finally launch the brand new full half-hour version of MGR! The new My Gay Roommate is a re-imagined and expanded half-hour version of the web series with new characters and storylines, and we can’t wait to share it with you!”

A show is described as: “Nick and Max are roommates at Tuffet University, a classic liberal arts college complete with battalions of student groups, over-achieving freshmen, upperclassmen burnouts and the self-righteous indignation that characterizes Northeastern academia.”

“Nick Cohen is a newly out Jewish boy with OCD tendencies, while his roommate Max Finnegan is a broad-shouldered slob who may or may not have peaked in high school. Our unlikely duo takes on a freshman year full of firsts with a rascally band of suitemates: Rupert (an effeminate ladies man), his roommate Dom (the star linebacker) and Ernie (a techie Japanophile). They are joined by Sloane, Max’s no-bullshit upperclassman love interest, and her misanthropic roommate Mildred who become part of the crew.”

“The world of My Gay Roommate flips the social paradigm: being gay is not an issue, the football players are the underdogs while the a capella singers are the popular kids, the frat boys are the tame and rule-abiding students while the Women’s Rugby Team is the drug dealing muscle. In this way, the show moves past the cliche gay-best-friend-side-kick and homophobic-straight-man relationship we see so often. My Gay Roommate presents a way of life that’s a little more 2016 – where a gay guy and straight guy are just friends. Best friends.”

If you want to support the show, check out their Kickstarter page and their video below:

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Article Name
Kickstarter Campaign For YouTube Series, My Gay Roommate
The super popular YouTube web series, My Gay Roommate, wants to come to a television near you.