LGBTI People 2.47 Times More Likely to Self-Harm, Says Study

Self-harm is a sadly common theme among many young people, especially those who fall under LGBT umbrella.

A recent study was conducted on the link between sexuality and mental health, which found that LGBTQ+ people have had a 2.47 times higher lifetime risk than heterosexuals for suicide attempts. Also, LGBTQ+ people are twice as likely to experience depression over a 12 month period, and 1.5 times as likely to have an anxiety disorder.

As with most mental health issues, the possible explanation for this stark difference can vary. It can go from mistreatment, stigmatization, prejudice, discrimination, and stress from hiding your identity.

That’s why Bryony Gordon, founded Mental Health Mates back in February of this year. Shortly after that, she had a discussion with her co-host Jonny, which inspired her to create an LGBTQ+ edition of Mental Health Mates.

Mental Health Mates will be holding a “rainbow picnic” on September 14, which aims to give LGBTQ+ people a safe space to express themselves.

Bryony said: “I suffer from depression and OCD and wondered why people like me so often had to suffer alone, in silence. I think the most important thing to reiterate is that everyone seems normal – and that’s because it is normal to feel weird.”

“It’s really empowering to see that you’re not a freak, that people who look like you and me can all feel the same way.”

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Article Name
LGBTI People 2.47 Times More Likely to Self-Harm, Says Study
A new study has found that LGBTQ+ people are 2.47 times more likely to self-harm.