New Infographic For Bisexual Awareness Week Highlights The Stigma Bisexuals Face

The LGBT community has come so far, and yet we have so far to go. One example of this is the stigma bisexual people face, despite making up more than half the LGBT community in the US.

That’s not even mentioning the legal inequality, and lack of bisexual specific data.

Today a new infographic surfaced, thanks to the Movement Advancement Project, which highlights the inequalities and disparities bisexual people face. Most people who are bisexual have probably experienced some sort of biphobia or bierasure, with comments such as “you’re just confused” or “it’s just a phase” and the classic, “you’re just in denial that you’re gay”.

bisexual info 1

As well as these annoying and harmful stereotypes, bisexuals are victim to high levels of violence, employment discrimination, poor health and economic insecurity. Just as an example, 61% of bisexual women say that they have experienced rape,  stalking by an intimate partner, and/or physical violence. Compare this to 43% of lesbians and 35% of straight women who experience these, and a picture begins to form.

It also came up in the report, Understanding Issues Facing Bisexual Americans, that nearly half of bisexual men experience sexual violence other than rape, which is a startlingly high number.

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Bisexual Awareness Week, which is the second annual week long celebration, is centered on Bisexual Visibility Day  on September 23 which we detail here. We also had the recent study which showed that one third of young people living in the US identify as anything other than “exclusively heterosexual”. Yet, despite this, bisexual people are half as likely to be openly bi in the workplace as gay or lesbian people.

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You can help celebrate Bisexual Awareness Week by sharing this infographic, sharing MAP’s website, or by taking part in the Big Bi Tweet on September 23.

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