Taiwanese Actor Goes on Homophobic Rant after Receiving Award

Shortly after receiving a prestigious award at the 51st Golden Bell awards, veteran actor Lee Tien-chu went on a homophobic rant backstage.

According to the Shanghaiist, the Golden Bell awards are their answer to the Emmys, and Lee Tien-chu was awarded with the Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film Award. Shortly after receiving his award when talking to journalists and reporters, Lee said that he had to reject TV productions that didn’t share his values.

He said: “I’ll be open about it. I will not support homosexuality because it’s going to lead to the end of humanity. I do not hate gay people, I love them, I have compassion for them, but I have to say this is wrong.”

“This is why I’ve said no to so many gay productions that approached me for acting. I will not betray my faith just for a bit of money. Homosexuality is a huge curse to the future generation.”

Naturally, Lee has drawn criticisms from people in the industry, as well the public outcry that will undoubtedly follow.

Taiwanese graphic designer Aaron Nieh wrote on Lee’s Facebook page, saying: “‘You may be a very good actor and win awards, but you’re just acting. You don’t have a part in other people’s reality, their nature, their love and their values in life… Homosexuality will not lead to the destruction of mankind, but ignorance will.”

The singer Aaron Yan also spoke against Lee’s comments, saying: “I don’t have much to say except good luck to all the people who think like you. I, for my part, think that the destruction of mankind will have to do with man’s pride and greed.”

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Article Name
Taiwanese Actor Goes on Homophobic Rant after Receiving Award
The Taiwanese actor Lee Tien-chu went on a homophobic rant after receiving a prestigious award.