Thousands Call for Same-Sex Marriage at Belfast Pride

The fight for marriage equality in Northern Ireland has been a long and drawn out one, but LGBT advocates and their allies are not growing tired yet.

Over the weekend, the annual Belfast Pride was held, and at the event thousands called for marriage equality in Northern Ireland. The chant that attendees were saying at the Pride parade on Saturday was simple but clear: “What do we want? Equal marriage. When do we want it? Now.”

As followers of the saga surrounding the battle for marriage equality will know, the main obstacle to it is the Democratic Unionist Party and it’s leader Arlene Foster.

The attendees also made their message to her very clear, chanting: “Arlene, Arlene hear us clear – we want equal marriage here.”

There was also a nice show of support for LGBT people from Belfast City Hall, which was lit up in the colours of the LGBT rainbow.

The lack of same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland is very frustrating, as 68% of people say they’re in favour, and the Northern Ireland Assembly did vote in favour of lifting the ban on gay marriage, but it has been continuously blocked by the DUP.

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Article Name
Thousands Call for Same-Sex Marriage at Belfast Pride
Thousands called for same-sex marriage at this year's Belfast Pride.