A decent proposal Part 2

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A decent proposal Part 2

places like the top of the Eiffel Tower or on a gondola in Venice or in Las Vegas), the next questionable decision he made was the very public nature of his proposal. Why did all the friends need to be there? The only small mercy is that he didn’t decide to fly their parents out as well. That said, some gay people thrive on showmanship and want to incorporate this into their proposals and subsequent weddings.

While some people would prefer to pop the question in an intimate and romantic setting – perhaps a beach, or a restaurant or the location of their first date – other people would happily do it on the main stage at a Pride event with a drag queen leading a rousing chorus of Beyoncé’s Put A Ring On It.Some people are even happy to ask the question on national TV… well QVC, actually.

Presenter Will Gowing’s boyfriend proposed to him live on UK TV last December. Will was dressed in an elf hat for a Christmas edition of Alison Young’s beauty show when he read out what he believed to be a customer message:

“Hi, Ali and Will. I found my hero product at QVC over nine years ago, since then I’ve used it every day and the results keep getting better and better. It’s added enormously to my life, changed my outlook of the world and I now can’t imagine my life without it. The product I was lucky enough to find almost ten years ago was the love I share with you, Will Gowing. Will you marry me?”

Although an extremely high risk strategy, we are pleased to say that Will said “yes”. Of course, some gay people like to document their lives on video, from secretly filming themselves coming out to their parents to elaborate flash mob proposals – well, at least you can monitor their success by the number of hits the clips receive and you might even pull in some additional advertising revenue.

Such are the popularity of these sorts of proposals now, there are even companies in the States like BookAFlashMob.com to provide perfectly choreographed dance routines before you ask the question. While it is easy to be cynical about these sorts of American-style public displays of affection, it would take a hard hearted indeed not to watch something like Carl Marucci’s Marriage Proposal in front of the Angel’s in America Fountain in Central Park on You Tube (tinyurl.com/n6bf8yw ) without being even a teensy-weensy bit moved.

Even the Glee cast got in on the action when Blaine proposed to Kurt on the staircase where they first met; uniting enemy choirs New Directions, The Warblers, The Haverbrook School for the Deaf and Vocal Adrenaline for the first time in a rousing rendition of All You Need is Love. Cheesy yes, but important for the young audience demographics that enjoy the show.

Interestingly if you Google “gay marriage proposal” the most popular viral video ever features 13 children reacting to a series of same-sex proposals. It’s definitely worth watching “Kids React to Gay Marriage”, as it will give you a lot of hope for the next generation.

If all of this planning and organisation to make your proposal extra special makes you break out in a nervous sweat and you’ve got a bit of a budget, you could always call on a company like The Proposers (theproposers.co.uk). Yes, there really are companies who will arrange everything from a treasure hunt with clues leading to you down on one knee, to a boat trip down the Thames with people spelling out “Will You Marry Me” in rainbow umbrellas from a bridge you’re passing under.

For every person who wants to write their proposal on a billboard, in a newspaper advert or across the sky, there’s another person who believes in the romance and intimacy of popping the question. The final question the failed Grand Canyon proposal raises is who the proposal was for – because it should be for the person you are asking to marry you and not for yourself or your guests or for millions of people you will never meet.

Unless you have joined a religion that accepts polygamy (and most of them don’t seem to be very gay-friendly) a marriage is between two people and is about their love and commitment to each other. One of the most endearing proposal stories we have heard recently features a lesbian couple talking a romantic walk along a beach in Bournemouth. They were passing some beach huts and discussing how nice it would be to one day own one of the colourful bathing huts.

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