2016 is the Deadliest Year on Record for US Trans People

This is far from the first time we have spoken about the deadliness of 2016 for transgender people. We have seen a rise in the amount of trans people killed this year, and of course it’s not over yet.

We have just over a month and a half of this year to go, and so far it has been the deadliest year on record for transgender people as 24 trans people have been murdered in the United States.

However, while we have seen an increase this year, it’s by no means a sharp rise. Last year was also a worryingly high figure of 21, so while the increase to 24 is concerning, it is proof of the growth of an underlying issue.

GLAAD said: “The victims of this violence are overwhelmingly transgender women of color, who live at the dangerous intersections of transphobia, racism, sexism, and criminalization which often lead to high rates of poverty, unemployment, and homelessness.”

Below you can find a list of all the trans people who were murdered in 2016.

  • Monica Loera of Austin, Texas murdered January 22 at 43.
  • Jasmine Sierra of Bakersfield, California murdered January 22 at 52.
  • Kayden Clarke of Mesa, Arizona killed on February 4 at  24.
  • Veronica Banks Cano of San Antonio, Texas found dead on February 19 at 30.
  • Maya Young of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania murdered on February 21 at 25.
  • Demarkis Stansberry of Baton Rouge, Louisiana murdered on February 27 at 30.
  • Kedarie/Kandicee Johnson of Burlington, Iowa murdered on March 2, both at 16.
  • Quartney Davia Dawsonn-Yochum of Los Angeles, California murdered on March 23 at 32.
  • Shante Isaac of Houston, Texas murdered on April 10 at 34.
  • Keyonna Blakeney of Rockville, Maryland murdered on April 16 at 22.
  • Tyreece Walker of Wichita, Kansas murdered on May 1 at 32.
  • Mercedes Successful of Haines City, Florida murdered on May 15 at 32.
  • Amos Beede of Burlington, Vermont murdered on May 25 at 38.
  • Goddess Diamond of New Orleans, Louisiana murdered on June 5 at 20.
  • Deeniquia Dodds of Washington D.C. murdered on July 13 at 22.
  • Dee Whigam of Shubuta, Mississippi murdered on July 23 at 25.
  • Skye Mockabee of Cleveland, Ohio murdered on July 30 at 26.
  • Erykah Tijerina of El Paso, Texas murdered on August 8 at 36.
  • Rae’Lynn Thomas of Columbus, Ohio murdered on August 10 at 28.
  • T.T. of Chicago, Illinois killed on September 11 in her mid-twenties.
  • Crystal Edmonds of Baltimore, Maryland killed on September 16 at 32.
  • Jazz Alford of North Carolina killed on September 23 at 30.
  • Brandi Bledsoe of Cleveland, Ohio killed on October 12 at 32.
  • Noony Norwood of Richmond, Virginia killed on November 5 at 30.

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2016 is the Deadliest Year on Record for US Trans People
Article Name
2016 is the Deadliest Year on Record for US Trans People
2016 is the deadlist year on record for transgender people in the US.