250,000 March in Taiwan for Marriage Equality

Over the weekend, we saw a huge outpouring of support for marriage equality in Taiwan as 250,000 people marched the streets of Taipei to show their support.

Saturday coincided with International Human Rights Day, and the people of Taipei made great use of this momentous occasion to march in the thousands around  Taiwan’s Presidential Office in support of a legislative amendment to give same-sex couples marriage equality.

There are many people in the country that hope for Taiwan to become the very first country in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage, and given the country’s progressive nature, it could very well happen.

President Tsai commented on the discussion surrounding the legalisation of gay marriage following the march on Saturday, saying that she believes  “same-sex couples also have the right to marriage” and called for “more discussion but less confrontation” and also added that “all voices should be heard and given the chance to seek support in the Legislature.”

You can see an amazing photo of the huge crowd that gathered for LGBT rights outside the President’s Office below. However, there were also counter protests from 10 anti-marriage equality groups, who are pushing for a public referendum on same-sex marriage rather than an amendment to the legislation.

If you like, you can also see some clips from the march below. Here’s hoping that this huge show of support from the citizens of Taipei spurs President Tsai and the other politicians to make the amendment a reality, and give LGBT people in the country equal rights in marriage.

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250,000 March in Taiwan for Marriage Equality
Article Name
250,000 March in Taiwan for Marriage Equality
There was a huge march of 250,000 people in Taiwan who all came out to show their support for marriage equality.