40% of Trans People Have Attempted Suicide, Says Study

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According to a new study, 40% of transgender people have attempted suicide at some point in their life.

This study was conducted by the National Centre for Transgender Equality and it surveyed 17,715. As mentioned, out of those almost 18 thousand people, 40% of them had attempted suicide in their lifetime. 7%  said they had made a suicide attempt within the last year.

Their research also found that 14% of transgender people were sent to a professional by their family after coming out as trans in an attempt to stop their transition. 10% of trans people also reported that they suffered violence from their family and 8% were kicked out from their home.

Victoria Rodriguez-Roldan, director of the National LGBTQ Task Force, had this to say: “The report findings are devastating and unfortunately not surprising.”

The study also found that transgender people are at a higher risk of poverty due to discrimination in the workplace. In conjuction was this, they also found that there was a 15% rate of unemployment and a third of respondents said they were living in poverty. This statistic is at twice the rate of Americans nationwide.

Survey project manager Sandy E James said: “Responses revealed pervasive mistreatment, harassment and violence in pretty much every facet of life whether that be in the schools, the workplace or family life.”

There were also concerning statistics found with mental health, as 39% of respondents said they experienced “serious psychological distress” in the past year in comparison with 5% of Americans.

NCTE executive director Mara Keisling said: “We have already known that these are issues … in the trans community but now we actually have a tool that we can reference to [say] these are the numbers. That can be a useful instrument for creating transformative change in the lives of transgender people.”

More than half of the people studied said they avoided using public bathrooms in the past year because they “were afraid of confrontations or other problems they might experience”. 32% of respondents even went so far as to limit the amount of food and drink consumed in order to avoid using the bathroom.

NCTE executive director Mara Keisling spoke on this as well, saying: “Every minute we spend talking about it, we’re not talking the problems in real people’s lives. We’re not talking about the economic marginalization and we’re not talking about people being alienated from their faith communities and families.”

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40% of Trans People Have Attempted Suicide, Says Study
Article Name
40% of Trans People Have Attempted Suicide, Says Study
A new study has revealed that 40% of transgender people have attempted suicide in their lifetime.