7 Trends To Help You This Autumn/Winter

1 Summer isn’t quite over just yet, but it is never too early to be ready when it comes to new trends in fashion, considering how quickly they can develop or change. So without further ado, here  are the top 5 trends that have been picked out for this Autumn.

The first one has to be from the fall line from Maison Margiela, the newest designer John Galliano who has just made it back to the fashion scene, has unsurprisingly caught everyone’s eye with his new designs.  As shown in the pictures to the left Galliano has used darker and duller colours but infused them with other prints, he has even done a ‘print clash’ on the second picture with the tartan skirt and what looks like a different style of leopard print on the coat. This is something that is very likely to start coming into the high streets as well as the catwalks,  it should be interesting to see how they might interpret it to make it appeal to the public eye.



Miu Miu are another designer to be watched when it comes to this year’s trends, there styles are fresh and quite quirky. Shown in the pictures to the right, Miu has used monochrome prints in his designs, which is a classic trend for Autumn so it is definitely going to be seen this year. They have also used the ‘print clash’ like Galliano with the furthest picture to the right , having both monochrome and leopard print (which also featured in Galliano) so this must be something worth looking in to trying.



Thirdly is a wide spread trend that designers have started to use, as said by Elle magazine, ‘bling’ is back and it’s beautiful. This trend is a tricky one, as too much can look trashy so minimal is sometimes better, as Coco Chanel  has said: ” A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous”.  As shown, Prada have made a good example on how it should be used.  It’s not too much but at the same time it still adds an aspect, something that makes it stand out from everything else, which is more or less the aim of the game in fashion.





Even though there are some controversy’s over this, Fifty Shades of Grey has actually been a pretty good fashion hit. Most people would disagree and think this inappropriate, but when designers are using this film for inspiration they are most definitely not looking at all the bedroom details. No, instead they took Christian Greys suit and changed it into style of women’s suit wear. Genius.
Obviously not the first to introduce grey suits, these are just a bit different.



Now finally the fifth trend to be known this autumn is the ‘slip dress’. In all its elegance it brings sophistication with a dash of sexiness to the catwalk and no doubt to the high street too.  There have been a few designers that have interpreted this dress differently and each one has its own unique style to it, as seen in Vogue under the Top 12 trends this fall.  The picture to the left is by Celine, and they have daringly halved the dress into two different colours, in the lines of the ‘print clash’ this could be a following trend with clashes of colour. High street designers everywhere should be looking at this dress, as its simple yet different and that’s exactly what women (or at least most) are looking for. Another example of this dress is Narciso Rodriguez’s interesting design, it has quite a bold black and white print with the slip down neckline which brings the eye straight to the dress.


In summary, Autumn is a new season for fashion and there are plenty of trends to follow to be in style. Sticking to the basics can be easy, but if you dare to be different it does a whole lot to your confidence as a woman.  Just as Dior said: “Happiness the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness”.


For men, grey is a very popular colour as its simple yet stylish. Like with women’s fashion, this trend was most likely brought on by the film Fifty Shades of Grey. Sometimes however this colour can be dull and maybe even a bit boring, so don’t be afraid to add some extras to it with accessories like a scarf or a different coloured top underneath.



The last trend we can see here, is this ‘pattern and patches’ idea. It brings a bit of individuality to men’s fashion which can be hard to achieve, the darker colours seems to work the best as has that classic effect.