A decent proposal. Part 1

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A decent proposal Part 1

As  gay marriage is finally legal, Matt Newbury explores the promises and pitfalls of popping the question

There’s only one thing worse than having your wedding proposal rejected and that’s being publically humiliated in devastating fashion at the same time. And it doesn’t get much worse than being turned down in front of all your closest friends at the bottom of the Grand Canyon…

One ambitious romantic came up with an elaborate and expensive plan to propose at the bottom of this magnificent canyon – one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. He’d arranged for the friends to already be down there and then organised a Grand Canyon helicopter flight for him and his unsuspecting boyfriend as part of a Las Vegas holiday.

When the helicopter landed in the valley, he got down on one knee in front of his startled partner and the well-wishers got ready to jump out from behind the nearest cactus and shout “surprise!” However, instead of his partner accepting the offer and declaring everlasting love as the tears rolled down his face, he just looked completely mortified and flatly declined the offer of marriage.

So upset was the guy who had planned the detailed scenario, he jumped back in the helicopter and left his devastated boyfriend and the rest of the party stranded in one of the largest holes on earth. Once back in Vegas he had the heart-breaking task of cancelling the wedding arrangements he had made for that evening as well. If you were looking for a definition of “epic fail” then this very well could be it.

There are several valuable lessons that can be taken away from this wretched tale, especially if you are toying with the idea of proposing to your boyfriend or girlfriend anytime in the near future. The most obvious thing to be sure about before you ask someone to marry you is that they are likely to say “yes”. Surely marriage should have been something you have talked about if you are in a committed and balanced same-sex relationship, so, while a proposal might be a surprise, it shouldn’t come completely out of the blue.

A perfect example is the very first couple to get engaged under the Government’s new gay marriage act minutes after the legislation had been approved. The couple were taking place in a vigil outside Parliament when the good news reached them and Ed Fordham spontaneously dropped down on one knee in front of Russell Eagling, his partner of 15 years. Ed said the proposal wasn’t planned as a stunt, but the nearby choir singing an Erasure track couldn’t have been better planned.

Although Russell says the proposal was a complete surprise, it wasn’t as if the couple wouldn’t have talked about prospect of marriage – they were after all taking part in a vigil campaigning for its legalisation. Still by saying “yes” the couple now have a place in history, even having their good news mentioned in the House of Commons and a congratulations tweeted by Nick Clegg to his 120,000 Twitter followers.

While there was nothing wrong with the location of the Grand Canyon proposal (millions of people have got engaged in iconic

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