A Geeky Guide To London

The choice of things to do in London for a geek are pretty much endless. From comic book shops, to restaurants, to places like Tokyo Toys, London is chock full of options.

Here, I am going to go through some of the best options in no particular order. I will most likely do more of these, as there just so many places worth highlighting.

Forbidden Planet


This place probably needs no introduction to most of you, but you would be surprised how many people I have introduced to this place over the years. This is pretty much what I would describe as “Mecca for geeks”, with something for pretty much everyone. The best part of Forbidden Planet is downstairs, but even the upstairs is a treasure trove of figurines (good ones), merchandise, Pop figures, plushes and all sorts.

Downstairs though… that’s where I really become lost in a Geek wonderland. It is literally filled with comics, graphic novels, manga, anime series and films, plus games such as Cards Against Humanity. The staff there are generally friendly and know their stuff! If you haven’t been, you really must! They have branches elsewhere in the country, too, so check out their branch listings here.

The Japan Centre


This is, as you would guess, all about Japanese shopping. You can buy all sorts here- if you’re after a sushi making kit, plus the things to make it, some chopsticks and a collection of sake cups to round it off, then this is the place for you.

They also have a huge range of Japanese sweets and treats, plus their pre-made sushi isn’t bad at all. For anyone with even a slight interest in Japanese culture, you can’t go wrong. They also have a few stores, but the London one can be found on Shaftesbury Avenue, just down from Forbidden. See their branch listings here.

Orbital Comics


This is more for the comic buff, and is essentially a smaller, more comic focused Forbidden Planet. They do a huge rage of Western comics, as well as a decent selection of manga. This shop is fairly small, but it has a great range. They also stock posters, wall scrolls and posters. You can find them on Great Newport St, but you can also check out their website here.

Tokyo Toys


This is another more specialist store, this time targeted towards cosplayers and anime/manga fans. I haven’t visited this shop in some time, but while this shop is fairly small, it has a pretty nice range of stock. There’s a selection of pre made cosplay costumes from the more popular animes (so your Bleach, Naruto, Attack on Titan, etc) for the beginner cosplayer. They also have a range of contact lenses, plus the usual array of anime merchandise. They also have anime themed jackets, hats and plushies. They are located in the Trocadero Centre on Coventry Street, but you can check out their website, here.

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