A Look Back At London Fashion Week 2015

So with summer coming to a close, it seems a great time to kick things off with a look back year’s London Fashion Week. 2015’s event was full of exciting new fashion trends and stunning ideas for the coming year.

Many of the models that stepped onto the catwalk were donning a lot of layers, consisting of different materials, shapes and textures.


As much as many of the models outfits are a little eccentric, they can’t help but inspire us all to be a little bit more creative with our choices of clothing.
Burberry also made an appearance this year with an amazing collection, with all their outfits beautifully complimenting one another.

There were even a couple of men’s outfits that were shown off.


Stepping away from the clothing, we move onto hair and beauty. This summer we saw the birth of the man bun, and finally we are waving goodbye to that, and saying hello to the man BRAID. Yes, men are now plaiting their hair, for a brand new take on the ol’ “short back and sides”


Will this new trend take off? We shall have to wait and see!




As for the ladies, we are seeing a movement from bright ombré to a much gentler “Sombré”, which is a much softer blend of colour as opposed to its counterpart. Many women like Jessica Alba, are going for a much more subtle “Bronde” look, for those women who don’t want to go dark for winter, but are tired of that bleach blonde look.

This winter, we see colours directed at the more mature generation, with palettes to compliment any amount of silver / grey.

As for make-up, we see a big increase in popularity with contouring, even amongst the guys.
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A Look Back At London Fashion Week 2015
Article Name
A Look Back At London Fashion Week 2015
Let's take a quick look back at London Fashion Week 2015, and some of the standout fashion and hairstyles.