A Star-Studded Transgender Hoax Biopic Is In The Works

You may be familiar with the infamous novel, Sarah, written by JT Leroy in 1999. It was the supposedly true story of a transgender youth who discovered he wanted to be a woman as he was coming of age as a prostitute and drug addict. Apparently, however, there was absolutely no truth in this story, and JT Leroy himself was a completely made up work of fiction written by cis musician Laura Albert. And a woman named Savannah Knoop, Albert’s sister-in-law, pretended to be the transgender JT Leroy in many public appearances.

In 2005, the scam was uncovered by New York Magazine, and a new documentary about this twisted tale just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

A new film is now in the works based on the lives of Laura Albert and Savannah Knoop and the hoax they cooked up. Helena Bonham Carter is in talks to play Albert, and Kristen Stewart has been slated to play Knoop. James Franco is also tasked with playing the role of Knoop’s brother/Albert’s husband.

What do you think about their choice of casting?

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Article Name
A Star-Studded Transgender Hoax Biopic Is In The Works
Kristen Stewart, Helena Bonham Carter, and James Franco are in talks to star in the new film about JT Leroy, a well-known hoax about a non-existent transgender youth.