AARP is Still an LGBT-Ally

AARP records show that more than 900,000 of its members self-identify as LGBT. AARP takes these members (and others) into account when fighting for LGBT rights. AARP hopes to make all the lives of their older members better, including those in the LGBT community by ensuring they have fair access to employment, housing, public education, and other public systems that would be affected by the Equality Act. This is why AARP has written to endorse the Equality Act, and why they continue to support Congressional and legislative initiatives. AARP Executive Vice President, Nancy LeaMond, commented to news sources that she was proud to support the Act, especially around the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

AARP has also joined forces to file an americus curiae brief (friend of the court brief) to support federal civil rights protections for LGBT employees. In the brief, AARP mentions that “one in five older LGBT adults reported recent involuntary job loss due at least in part to their perceived sexual orientation and gender identity, and older LGBT workers postpone retirement at a higher rate than the general population, likely due to a lifetime of economic disadvantage.”

Thanks to the efforts of AARP and other organizations for fighting for the rights of LGBT members all over the country, and especially for paying attention to special populations within this community as well.