ABBA Reunites for the First Time in 30 Years

The weekend brought with it, something truly special – a rare reunion from ABBA, who performed for their 50th anniversary.

They reunited at a hotel in Stockholm at a private party, which was attended by other celebrities, musicians and actors. Footage of the rare performance has yet to surface, but there are several photos of them together on stage.

They have appeared together recently at a new restaurant which gives diners a chance to watch a performance of Mamma Mia, but they didn’t sing. This makes the private performance the first one in 30 years.

The band broke up back in 1982, making this probably one of the last times they will perform together. Although, it does give hope that perhaps they will consider other more public performances after this. It’s not likely, given how they have turned down $1bn deals, but it is possible.

Anni-Frid Lyngstad said: “It was absolutely amazing. A lot of emotions. We’ve made this journey throughout our history. Benny and Bjorn in particular. Its been very nostalgic.”

ABBA. #björnobenny #b&b50 #thankyouforthemusic

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ABBA Reunites for the First Time in 30 Years
Article Name
ABBA Reunites for the First Time in 30 Years
ABBA reunited for their first performance in 30 years.