Actor Reid Ewing Dismayed that Focus Is On His Sexuality

picture courtesy of YouTube

In the US, Modern Family is the number one most watched show on television.  Reid Ewing, who plays Dylan on the show, just confirmed on Twitter that he is gay, he’s never tried to hide it, and he’s surprised at how much attention his admission is getting.

Last week, he wrote an essay on the Huffington Post about his body dysmorphic disorder, which prompted him to get numerous plastic surgery procedures starting at the age of 19. He initially said that he “wanted to look like Brad Pitt”. Unfortunately, each new surgery only created a “new problem that I would have to fix with another procedure.”

On Monday morning he was watching a related segment on Good Morning America regarding the psychological issue. In response to the show, he tweeted that one of the guys who was featured on the program was “hot.”

A fan asked in response if they actor had just outed himself. Ewing responded that he “was never in,” which sent social media into overdrive.

In fact, he is surprised that his sexuality is getting as much press as it is. He also tweeted, “Writes a cosmetic surgery article, people care more that I’m gay…”

Article Name
Actor Reid Ewing Dismayed that Focus Is On His Sexuality
Reid Ewing, the star who play Dylan on Modern Family, is surprised at how much attention his homosexuality is getting.