Actor Talks Playing Trans Character in Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot’s first season was surprisingly fantastic. The first episode started out on pretty wobbly legs, but it quickly found it’s footing and went on to be one of the best shows of last year.

Thankfully, after a rather long wait, we will be getting a second season soon (airing on July 13). One of the characters we saw briefly at the end of last season, was the mysterious Whiterose, a transgender hacker and associate of the Dark Army who assists Rami Malek’s character Elliot.

Now, the actor who plays Whiterose, B.D Wong, has sat down to discuss a few things, including his anxieties about playing a trans woman.

“When you get an offer to do a TV show, you don’t always know where the producers are coming from. I said, ‘Whoa, I don’t want to exploit a maligned community of people.’ The last thing I wanted to be was a man disguised as a woman. I think that’s old.”

“Sam [Esmail, Mr. Robot’s creator] was able to allay my fears: He said Whiterose wasn’t a man disguised as a woman — she was a woman disguised as a man. And that was very different to me. There are things in the second season we keep having dialogue about: ‘Tell me why this is happening, so I can be comfortable with it.'”

Lastly, when discussing how he adjusted to Whiterose’s hair and makeup, B.D Wong said: “I had to dismantle this hard drive with these really long fingernails on. And I had these toweringly fabulous shoes. Nobody ever saw them, but I insisted on wearing them all night. There was a lot of physical discomfort involved. It was a nightmare of props and costumes crashing together.”

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Actor Talks Playing Trans Character in Mr. Robot
Article Name
Actor Talks Playing Trans Character in Mr. Robot
B.D Wong, the actor for Whiterose in Mr.Robot, has talked about playing the trans character.