Actress Rebecca Root Would “Love” Transgender Doctor Who Role

Transgender actress Rebecca Root has said that she would “love” to star as Doctor Who in his next incarnation.

Of course, the Doctor has always been played by a man throughout the years, but such a gender swap would not be unheard of in the show. We of course saw [SPOILER ALERT] the Master turned into a female in the form of Missy last year.

Rebecca touched on this topic when talking to Digital Spy, saying: “I mentioned something about Steven Moffat being in the next tent along, because I vaguely know Steven. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to try and get hold of him – next time the Doctor comes up I’d love to do that”.

“It was picked up and somebody tweeted it and then the Radio Times tweeted it and somebody else tweeted it and it’s gone round in this mini campaign to get Rebecca Root as the first female or even trans Doctor!”

“It was this lovely little flurry and it made me chuckle because yes, of course, although I was making light of it I would love to play the Doctor! Oh my God, what an amazing part. I really, really would love that. But who knows? You never know, do you? Stranger things have happened so never say never!”

It’s certainly not impossible, as Doctor Who as a show has a history of being very LGBT friendly. The question is – what are your thoughts on it?

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Actress Rebecca Root Would
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Actress Rebecca Root Would
Transgender actress Rebecca Root would "love" a role as a trans Doctor Who.