Adam Lambert Dishes About His Tour With Queen

Solo artist Adam Lambert is speaking out about his new tour with original Queen band members, Roger Taylor and Brian May.

Lambert is having a blast, but he is very cognizant that some fans may not be pleased with his role in the tour.


“At some point every night I talk to the audience about it, like: I know. I’m not Freddie,’’ admits Lambert. “I’m not trying to replace him. It’s more a celebration of the legacy of the band – that’s the heart of the show.”

But the singer is very excited about the opportunities this tour will afford him. Not only will he be performing many of the classics, but he says that “a handful of the songs in the set are absolutely ridiculous – high camp.”


He adds that this is a really exciting creative venture for him. “Because the audience already loves the song, I know I can push it as far as I want. It’s the most liberating thing.”

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