Adele – 25 Beats FIFA 16 To Top Of Entertainment Chart

Adele’s latest album has beaten out FIFA 16 to become the best selling home entertainment title of 2015, a feat that is pretty damn impressive. Not only this, but the release of her album 25 has helped push a 4% increase in UK sales.

What makes this even more impressive, is that the album released just six weeks before the end of the year, and managed to rack up 2.5m CD sales and digital downloads. The Adele album beat FIFA 16, which has been out since September 22, by 88,000 units.

According to official figures from the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), revenue from on-demand platforms, mobile gaming and streaming services pushed the UK’s games, video and music combined market sales to a record high of £6.1bn. This follows a decade of decline, this boost is sorely needed.

Streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime exceeded £1bn for the first time, causing the ERA to predict “video will become a majority-digital business in 2016.”

Video games also enjoyed an increase of 10%, with digital sales helping to compensate for a decline in physical retail sales. Music consumption in the UK also rose by 4%.

Music streaming itself also soared, showing an increase of 82% in 2015 (26.8bn songs) and now represents a fifth of music played in the UK. That’s not to say that Adele’s sales were primarily digital, the demand for her album on CD helped the format enjoy its best year for over a decade, generating £468m.

Her album was also popular on the reviving vinyl platform, as the LP market also rose another 64%, marking eight years of the revival of vinyl.

BPI Chief Executive BPI, Geoff Taylor, had this to say: “The soaring popularity of music streaming and the burgeoning vinyl revival mean that UK music consumption rose again in 2015. Services such as Spotify and Apple Music are going mainstream as more people discover how wonderful it is to have all the music in the world to listen to, whenever and wherever you want. Millions of fans also continue to build treasured collections of favourite albums on vinyl, CD or downloads. Yet again it’s UK artists who are driving this growth and inspiring the fans.”

Kim Bayley, ERA CEO, also chimed in: “Ten years ago the entertainment business was on the edge of a precipice. Piracy was rampant and there were few legal alternatives. Thanks to huge investments by the likes of Apple and Steam and Netflix and Spotify, there has been a significant turnaround.”

The home entertainment market in general  grew to £2.24bn, which is up 1.5% on 2014.

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25 Adele 2,604,850
FIFA 16 2,516,079
Call Of Duty: Black Ops III 1,928,813
Paddington 1,180,437
Fallout 4 1,126,929
Jurassic World 1,052,790
The Hobbit – Battle Of The Five Armies 1,021,059
Star Wars Battlefront 1,018,884
X Ed Sheeran 1,001,845
Grand Theft Auto V 998,726
In The Lonely Hour Sam Smith 925,147
If I Can Dream Elvis Presley 924,377
Fifty Shades Of Grey 909,152
Now! That’s What I Call Music 92 841,800
Minions 816,917
Avengers – Age Of Ultron 804,652
Now! That’s What I Call Music 90 784,719
Inside Out 780,246
Big Hero 6 766,164
The Hunger Games – Mockingjay – Pt 1 740,026

Adele - 25 Beats FIFA 16 To Top Of Entertainment Chart
Article Name
Adele - 25 Beats FIFA 16 To Top Of Entertainment Chart
Adele's new album, 25, beat off some pretty hot competition to get to the top of the Entertainment Chart in the UK.