After US Ruling, Same-Sex Marriage Will Be Back On Australian Agenda

Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne has said that following the US Supreme Court ruling, gay marriage will likely be back on the agenda when Australian parliament resumes after the winter break.

Pyne described the US Supreme Court ruling in favour of same-sex marriage as “fascinating”, and went on to say that: “When we come back in spring there’s every possibility that will be back on the agenda.” He also added that a vote should be held sometime this year.

However, the key factor is that prime minister Tony Abbot has not changed his stance on gay marriage, and went on record saying:  “What happens in the United States is obviously a matter for the United States, just as what happened in Ireland a few weeks ago is a matter for the Irish. Obviously there is a community debate going on, I have views on this subject which are pretty well known and they haven’t changed.”

But, there is positivity elsewhere from the Greens, as senator Janet Rice said: “We clearly have some catching up to do here. The Greens are committed to working with our cross-party colleagues to make sure this happens by the end of the year.”

Similar comments were also made by Labour leaders and the former prime minister Kevin Rudd, so it does seem that there is at least some agreement on the subject. It is fairly likely that we will see this put back on the Australian governmental agenda, but with Tony Abbot’s stance unchanged, will be see a positive ruling for LGBTQ+ people?