Alabama City Recalls Horrible Anti-Trans Law

You might remember the anti-trans bathroom law passed by Oxford, Alabama. It was touted as the worst of all the bathroom bills,  as it was the first to threaten transgender people with fines or prison time.

When the law passed, it essentially said that if a transgender person used the “wrong” bathroom, they could face a $500 fine or up to six months in jail.

Thankfully, though, someone had their sensible head on today as the city council voted to repeal the law 3-2.

HRC Alabama State Director Eva Walton Kendrick said: “It’s a great day in the state of Alabama and we commend Councilperson Charlotte Hubbard for leading the recall effort.”

“This sends a welcome message of inclusion to Oxford’s families, businesses and visitors, and sets an example for other communities that may be considering similar legislation. Fair-minded Americans do not believe in discrimination, and we must continue to educate one another on the importance of being inclusive and welcoming to all.”

We’ve also seen the recent failure of a similar bill in Rockford, Texas, and of course the ruling from the US Justice Department that North Carolina’s anti-trans HB2 is illegal. Is time running out for these discriminatory laws? We can only hope.

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Alabama City Recalls Horrible Anti-Trans Law
Article Name
Alabama City Recalls Horrible Anti-Trans Law
Oxford, Alabama have recalled their horrible anti-trans bathroom law.