Aladdin – Live Action Prequel Is In The Works

Disney seem adamant on expanding the ever growing list of Disney films turned into live action films, and it seems as if Aladdin will be joining that list.

Now, this won’t strictly be a remake of the classic childhood film, instead it will be a prequel telling the story of Genie and will be titled Genies.

According to information posted by The Hollywood Reporter, the film is currently being written by  Damien Shannon and Mark Swift, who are in the early stages of writing. Apparently the film will tell the tale of how the Genie got into the lamp in the first place.

Disney are promising a journey into magical lands, as well as a satifsying explanation of what actually happens to Genie and what exactly befalls him before ending up in the lamp. The only really worrying part, though, is that if Genies actually works it will be a precursor to an Aladdin live action film. Trying to recapture the magic of the original both in live action and without the talents of Robin Williams? Ehhh, colour be very cynical.

I’ll keep an open mind, of course, as Maleficent was surprisingly solid, but I have my doubts about that particular bolt of lightning striking twice. Let’s not forget as well that they are working on several other live action films based on their classic animations, including Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.