Alexander Skarsgard Attends Premiere Of Diary of a Teenage Girl In Full Drag

Alexander Skarsgard decided to attend the premiere of Diary of a Teenage Girl in, shall we say, a different style. He was busy turning heads all evening as he attended the premiere in full drag and looked great doing it.

Alexander turning heads isn’t exactly anything new, but apparently this move may have been a nod to co-star Joshua Grennell, a drag performer going by the name Peaches Christ, who plays the role of a transvestite in the film. As you may remember, Alexander himself has played a transvestite in the past, in the 2006 film Kill Your Darlings.

Alexander said during an interview with Glamour UK that he didn’t have any reseverations about his role the film: “I definitely didn’t [have reservations] – that’s what got me excited about it, the fact that I saw it as an interesting challenge – to make a character that could have just as easily been a villain or too predatory‚Ķ how can you make this – and without condoning what he does, because he is 35 and ultimately responsible for this – but it’s not going to be interesting if you carry on playing that note over and over and I think that got me excited when I read it. I [started thinking] how can we find moments where he’s not in control or where he is confused and find moments that are beautiful and real where he might be the teenage boy and she is the mature woman.”


You can watch the latest trailer for the film below.