Amber Rose “Wouldn’t Be Comfortable” Dating a Bisexual Man

There are numerous issues plaguing the LGBT community still, despite all the wonderful progress that has been made in the last few years. One of the main issues is of course biphobia, which can unfortunately come from within the community as well as from outside of it.

Amber Rose, who has made no secret of the fact that she has dated women in the past, apparently draws the line at dating a man who is bisexual or pansexual. She made this revelation on the Loveline podcast, where she said that she “wouldn’t be comfortable” dating a man who had had sex with other men.

She said: “I think it’s amazing when a guy is bisexual and he’s comfortable with it.But in my personal life, in my sex life, in who I choose to love, I just think that I would think about it too much. It would bother me in a way. I wouldn’t be comfortable with it and I don’t know why.”

“Maybe I’m not secure enough to be with a man that likes other men because I would feel like when he’s out with his boys, it’s just more of a moment, I don’t know. It’s not that I’m not okay with it outside of my personal life but when it comes to me and who I lay down with, I’m just not comfortable with it.”

While it is absolutely her choice as to who she sleeps with, it does seem a tad hypocritical to be bisexual herself but be uncomfortable with bisexual men. In her last comment is a common attitude that bisexual people face – that they are somehow more promiscuous just because they like both men and women. This is of course an outdated and ridiculous myth, but it is an attitude that is sadly still present.

The fact that even a bisexual woman feels this way shows the prevelance of biphobic attitudes even within our own community.

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Amber Rose "Wouldn't Be Comfortable" Dating a Bisexual Man
Article Name
Amber Rose "Wouldn't Be Comfortable" Dating a Bisexual Man
Amber Rose has said she "wouldn't be comfortable" dating a bisexual man.