American Horror Story Renewed for Season 7

In one of  the fastest series renewals I have personally witnessed, American Horror Story has been renewed for season 7 in 2017.

We’re only three episodes into the latest season, American Horror Story: Roanoke, but the fast renewal is probably mostly down to the success of AHS season six. So far, Roanoke’s audience is up 25% compared to American Horror Story: Hotel, growing to 6.89 million viewers from 5.52 million.

John Landgraf, chief executive of FX Networks and Productions, said of AHS: “Ryan, Brad and their team of remarkable writers have done an amazing job of keeping American Horror Story endlessly inventive, shocking and entertaining and we are honored to move ahead with them on the seventh installment. AHS confronts our deepest fears with unmatched suspense and style. Each new installment is a cultural event, hotly anticipated for its theme, imagery, cast and twists.”

Given that we were left almost completely in the dark regarding the setting of American Horror Story season six, it’s not surprising at all that they haven’t said a peep about the setting for next year’s season.

Up until the first episode aired, there were several teaser trailers for the newest season, most of them being red herrings. They did a very good job of keeping the mystery going, and I fully expect them to do the same next year.

Given that many are expecting AHS: Roanoke to take a turn with the setting in coming episodes, even when the show has started, the air of mystery is still preserved. Of course, this will probably apply to the cast as well.

We probably won’t see Jessica Lange back, given her previous statements, but perhaps the crew over at FX can tempt her back…

We shall have to wait and see. What do you hope for for season seven of American Horror Story? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

American Horror Story Renewed for Season 7
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American Horror Story Renewed for Season 7
American Horror Story has already been renewed for season 7... impressive!