American Horror Story’s Denis O’ Hare Talks Lady Gaga & AHS Season 6

For both the new and regular faces taking part in American Horror Story season five, having Lady Gaga be part of the team must have been quite the change of gear.

Now Denis O’Hare, who plays Liz Taylor in American Horror Story: Hotel, has talked about how he and the cast members weren’t sure what to expect at first. Given that Lady Gaga is a huge name in both music and pop culture, the cast were naturally very unsure how Gaga would be on set.

When speaking to GoldDerby, he said: “I think we all came to those first days with trepidation. ‘Who knows what she’s gonna be like, who knows what energy she’ll bring on set. Who knows if she’ll demand a closed set, demand not to be talked to,’ and from word ‘go’ she was one of us. Totally down to earth.”

Apparently, Gaga invited the entire cast to party at her Malibu property, which naturally helped them all get to know each other and break the ice a little. It was of course very key that they break the ice, as the recurring cast of AHS have naturally grown close over the years.

Denis continued: “On set she was also incredibly coo. I remember one time they were filming and she was sitting on set amidst all the extras and background people, not trying to hide away, not trying to be special, just totally in it. Every scene she brought an incredible fierceness, point of view, opinion and passion.”

Naturally, Denis was also asked about AHS season six, and whether or not he will be involved. Sadly, he didn’t have much to reveal.

“They’ve approached me, we’re in talks right now. I would love to come back. I can’t imagine I won’t come back. That being said we haven’t announced anything yet.”

You can watch a video of his comments below.