Android Finally Releases LGBT Emoji

Android has decided to follow Apple’s lead and in its recent 6.0.1 release, it included LGBT friendly emojis.  Until now, LGBT emoji options were slim-to-none and the community was forced to forgo many of the fun emoji that others have been texting to their friends, family and significant others for so long.

Apple had released its LGBT emoji in April, but unfortunately Android users were still left without a similar option on the Android operating system… but they have finally caught up. Android’s update included 200 new emoji, which includes LGBT choices such as a two women pair and a male couple.  There are also a variety of family emoji options: two men and a daughter, two women with two sons, etc.

LGBT Android users can finally feel like they are being represented in the world of emoji-texting.  While emoji may not be as important as some of the other LGBT issuing being debated around the globe, these new emoji are another sign that the LGBT community is becoming more mainstream and commonplace, as it should be.

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Android Finally Releases LGBT Emoji
Article Name
Android Finally Releases LGBT Emoji
Android’s 6.0.1 release includes many LGBT friendly emojis.