Anthony Fera President Of Texas Oil Company Viciously Assaults Gay Couple

Anthony Fera, president of Houston-based oil company MidStar Energy, is charged with misdemeanor assault in connection with an attack on a married gay couple in Austin, Texas.

47-year-old William Smith and his husband Paul Von Wupperfield were walking down the street on 18 April and were almost struck by 51-year-old Fera as he pulled out of a parking lot, according to the police report.

“You nearly his us!” William Smith accused, Fera is alleged to have responded, “F*** you, faggot.”

According to the couple’s statement, Fera left his truck in the middle of traffic and got into a verbal altercation with Smith. The argument escalated and Fera punched Smith, knocking him unconscious and then fled the scene in his vehicle.

Fortunately, witnesses had recorded the altercation on their phones and had managed to get images of Fera’s license plate.

Currently the Police are in the process of deciding if they should add hate-crime to list of Fera’s charges. It was also reported that the MidStar Energy President has been arrested “several other times in Texas and Pennsylvania,” according to the Voice.

His bail has been set at $5,000 dollars.

Vun Wupperfield said his husbands “’face was swollen and bloody from where he had been punched, with cuts on his nose, right cheek and chin. He was unconscious for around 30-45 seconds.”

Mr. Smith has numerous facial injuries, including a fractured nose, a black eye and other injuries include damage to his shoulder.

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