Anti Gay Rally Takes Place In Nairobi, Tells Obama Not To Push “Gay Agenda”

An anti gay rally took place in Nairobi today, as a small group of Kenyans gathered to rally against homosexuality.

Irungu Kangata, an MP, said to attendees to the demonstration: “We are telling Mr Obama when he comes to Kenya this month and he tries to bring the abortion agenda, the gay agenda, we shall tell him to shut up and go home.”

The demonstrators wore tshirts and carried signs that said sentiments such as “protect the family match” and “stand with the family”.

In most of the 54 countries which make up Africa, LGBTQ+ people have to hide their sexuality or gender identity in fear of discrimination, violence or criminal prosecution. In Kenya itself, gay sex is a crime punishable by up to 14 years in prison, and at the time of writing only South Africa permits same-sex marriage.

This is echoed in comments made by Deputy President William Ruto, who said to a church congregation that Kenya has “no room for gays.”

However, one positive thing about this, is that the anti gay rally attracted only a handful of people: about 35, according to ABC News.

Obama is being called on to show solidarity by African gay rights activists during his trip to Kenya and Ethiopia, which should begin on July 25.