Anti-gay white supremacist detained indefinitely

A white supremacist who threatened to carry out a machete attack on a gay pub in Cumbria has been detained indefinitely in hospital.

Ethan Stables was convicted in February of planning a machete attack on the New Empire pub in Cumbria in 2017.

He was arrested by police on his way to the pub and, although he was unarmed, police found an axe, a machete and an air rifle at his home as well as a Nazi flag.

He also filmed himself burning a rainbow flag and saying: “Look at it, that rainbow, so much nicer when it’s on fire. It’s just like gay people. Much nicer when they’re on fire.”

Sentencing him to indefinite detainment in a hospital, the judge said, “It’s my clear decision that, for the protection of the public, a hospital order and restriction order are necessary.”