Anti-LGBT Group Tries to Cancel Show… When They Haven’t Seen It

Well, it seems it’s official. Certain anti-LGBT groups are so keen to stop exclusive TV that they don’t even bother doing proper research on their outrage.

An anti-LGBT group tried to cancel the new Fox sitcom The Mick without ever seeing the show. A particular clip in the show’s trailer seemed to trigger the anti-LGBT outrage machine, which was a clip showing a young boy in a dress.

They were so intent on getting The Mick that they went so far as to make up claims that the show featured a child in a “bondage gag”.

An email was sent out to supporters from Brian Brown of the National Organisation for Marriage, which then fell into the hands of Pink News.

Brown wrote: “The first episode of this TV show aired on January 1st and showed a six-year-old boy, who is apparently transgender, wearing a bondage gag. Apparently the producers consider childhood bondage a ‘joke’.”

“It is utterly depraved that Fox thinks childhood bondage and transgenderism are things to laugh at so they can sell expensive commercials to advertisers. We are demanding that Fox cancel ‘The Mick’ immediately. Please sign our petition to Fox demanding that they cancel this depraved show.”

You might be wondering about their claim on the bondage gag. On the surface it seems a bizarre thing to make up if it isn’t actually in the show. In actuality, the second episode (not the first, contrary to NOM’s claims) has the seven-year-old Ben severely burn his tongue when his brother dares him to lick a hot grill for $1,000. Ben tries it, and is left wearing a medical tongue isolation device over his mouth to treat his resulting burns.


You will also notice that NOM take the opportunity to call what they label “transgenderism” as “depraved” due to the shot of a young boy in a dress featured in the show’s trailer.

In the trailer, the young boy says: ““I’m a Transformer!”, before his aunt says: “Well, you’re a trans… yeah, sure, close enough.”

The kid then replies: “It kind of breezes on my vagina.”

But, perfectly content to fume and rage over a show they have not seen nor research, NOM said: “Exploiting a six-year-old for profit is a disgusting, subhuman act. Allowing such a child to model something that is used for sexual abuse and depraved, sadistic acts is not funny: it’s child abuse.”

“Furthermore, having a boy claim that he has a female genitalia does great disservice to young children who might be exposed to this propaganda. Boys do not have female genitalia. A boy who pretends to have a vagina is not practicing comedy, he’s exhibiting signs of gender dysphoria, a serious abnormal psychological condition requiring skilled medical care and therapy.”


“The Mick is nothing more than propaganda and depravity from the sexual radicals who rule Hollywood, a further descent into the cultural swamp that has only accelerated since the US Supreme Court redefined marriage.”

Despite the glaring mistakes which could be uncovered with the most basic effort, the petition to cancel The Mick has been signed by 4,765 people. I highly doubt that number will even ruffle Fox’s feathers, especially when it becomes clear that NOM are jumping to conclusions based upon trailers and press materials.

We will update this article if there is any response from Fox or NOM. Have you followed us on Facebook and Twitter?

Anti-LGBT Group Tries to Cancel Show... When They Haven't Seen It
Article Name
Anti-LGBT Group Tries to Cancel Show... When They Haven't Seen It
An anti-LGBT group has tried to get the Fox show The Mick cancelled... when they haven't even seen it.