Apple OS X Updated Emojis Feature Same-Sex Families and Increases Racial Diversity

Apple has unveiled a wide range of new emoji which include both same-sex couples and families, and also increase racial diversity and skin tones available in a new OS X update.

Emojis started out life in Japan, and mean picture (e) and letter (moji), quickly becoming extremely popular due to the nature of their highly visual language. Since then, the popularity of emojis has spread massively, and now is part and parcel of a wide range of software and smart devices.

The Unicode Consortium is a non-profit organisation which helps shape the development of the Unicode standard, the same standard which emojis fall under and last year the consortium proposed increased diversity of emojis.

Before the OS X update, the number of same-sex couples and skin tones available were rather limited, but now the number has increased dramatically – by about 300.

The software’s keyboard will feature five skin tones, and also a plethora of same-sex couples and families – with either two mothers or two fathers will be available.

Currently, this is a pre-release version (10.10.3) of the OS X and thus still has a number of bugs in it – but will see a public release in the near future.

This isn’t the first time Apple have pushed towards sexual and racial diversity with emoji either. With the release of IOS 6 apple included a few gay and lesbian icons which were not present in the previous versions of the Operating System.