Apple Reveals iPhone SE & Smaller iPad Pro

Rumours around the Apple iPhone SE have been floating around for some time, and thanks to the Apple Event, we now have confirmation on the new smartphone.

The iPhone SE will feature the A9 processor chip, and have the same graphics card technology of the Apple 6S and is capable of capturing 4K video. The other features we know of are a 12MP camera and Siri support.

The cost of the new iPhone will be $399 for the 16 GB or $499 for the 64 GB version.

As for the smaller iPad Pro which was revealed, it is essentially the same as the high end iPad Pro, but with a 9.7 inch display instead of 12 inch. It will support the Apple Pencil and will of course have it’s own smaller Smart Keyboard.

The 32 GB model starts at $599, while a new 256 GB model runs $899.

Annette Zimmerman, a research director at analyst Gartner commented on the smaller iPhone, saying: “The smart phone market has definitely consolidated around five and six inch devices globally so the question is why has Apple come out with a slightly smaller version? It is not really to capture a trend, but these people who are on an iPhone 4 or 5 and are quite happy with the size.”

“It’s a way to upgrade them and obviously selling a phone with a smaller screen size helps with the margins on these devices. I don’t think it will lead to the sort of strong growth we saw after the iPhone 6 came out – that would be really difficult to top.”

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Apple Reveals iPhone SE & Smaller iPad Pro
Article Name
Apple Reveals iPhone SE & Smaller iPad Pro
Apple have revealed the iPhone SE alongside a smaller iPad Pro.