Aspire to beauty

Aspire to beauty

When was Spire Healthcare established?

Spire Healthcare is a leading independent hospital group in the UK with 39 hospitals and 12 clinics across England, Wales and Scotland. The company is built on a heritage of almost 30 years’ experience running successful private hospitals and offers a full range of integrated surgical, medical and diagnostic services including cosmetic surgery.


What cosmetic surgery treatments are available at Spire?

Our expert cosmetic and plastic surgeons perform a wide range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments for the breasts or chest, face and body in our premium private hospitals across the UK. For a full list visit


We also offer a range of non-surgical treatments such as facial peels, dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle treatment injections and mole removal.


Do I have to be referred by my GP to Spire Healthcare for cosmetic surgery treatment?

Most cosmetic surgeons will be happy to see you for an initial consultation without a referral from your GP.


How do I arrange an initial consultation?

Simply contact us on 0800 434 6644 or complete our online enquiry form at We regularly offer free mini consultation evenings with our consultants, contact your local Spire Hospital for more information.*

How much would this initial consultation cost?

When you book your consultation, we’ll let you know the consultation fee for the cosmetic surgeon you are seeing but as a guide, you should expect to pay around £150. Once you have made the decision to go ahead we can give you a fixed price for many treatments which means there are no unexpected extras. To get you started, we’ve put some prices for treatment on our website.


*Mini consultations are an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about cosmetic surgery, and are not a formal out-patient consultation. If you wish to proceed to surgery, a full out-patient consultation will be required.

For more information go to: or ring 0800 434 6644

We spoke to Ms Nora Nugent, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Montefiore Hospital in Brighton for an insight into her cosmetic surgery practice:


What are the most popular cosmetic surgery treatments for men?

The most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for men are nose re-shaping, liposuction and gynaecomastia correction (male chest reduction). Non-surgical treatments such as anti-wrinkle treatment injections are increasing in popularity too.

What are the most popular cosmetic treatments for women?

Breast surgery remains the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure for women, either enlargement or reduction. This is followed by facelifts, nose surgery and liposuction.

What advice would you give to anyone considering cosmetic surgery?

Research your procedure and your surgeon before undergoing any surgery and ensure that you meet your surgeon beforehand (ideally at least twice before the day of surgery). Plastic surgeons should be on the specialist register with the GMC in the plastic surgery section. If UK trained, they should have the FRCS (Plast) qualification. Only undergo cosmetic surgery if you want it, do not do it for anyone else! Do not rush your decision. Beware of the cosmetic surgery bargain — remember you need to be looked after properly during and after your procedure.

How long does a typical treatment take and does it require an overnight stay?

A typical cosmetic surgery procedure takes between one and four hours and requires an overnight stay in about 50 – 60% of patients. A non-surgical aesthetic treatment usually takes about 30 minutes and can be done in the out-patient setting.

What sets Spire Healthcare Hospitals apart from other similar clinics?

By only granting practising privileges to fully qualified surgeons and requiring details of our annual appraisal (assessment of our clinical practice and continuing medical education), Spire ensures a high standard of care for patients. As a plastic surgeon, it also allows me to practise in a safe, fully supported environment with access to medical tests and other medical specialties when I need them.

On a personal note, what is the most satisfying part of your job?

Cosmetic surgery procedures give a visual result unlike some other types of surgery. Seeing the results of the procedures that I do and the positive difference that they make for my patients is very rewarding!

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