“Audiences Aren’t Ready For A Gay 007” Claims Former Bond Star

Recently, there has been some calls for the next iteration of James Bond to be gay. Naturally, there are plenty who disagree due to Bond’s relationship with women being integral to his character, as well as plenty of arguments for the idea.

Now former Bond star John Rhys-Davis, who starred as Pushkin 1987’s in The Living Daylights, has spoken out in dismissal of the suggestion that Bond’s next iteration should be gay.

When speaking to Digital Spy, he said: “Don’t subvert the next Bond by coming up with daft suggestions, like ‘Bond should be gay’. I don’t think that the audience is ready for a gay James Bond. You could try it, but it would be interesting to see what the numbers were afterwards.”

He has also criticised comments made by current Bond Daniel Craig, who recently said he is unsure if he will do another Bond film due to the grueling schedule.

John said: “The problem with Bond actors is they don’t realise that they have a short shelf-life in that role – they feel bitter and confused and they get stupid. I mean, for Craig to say, ‘I wouldn’t do another one – it’s just too much hard work and there’s not enough money in the world you could pay me…'”

“I understand it, as an actor, but it doesn’t wear well with somebody living on income benefit in Manchester or some place like that.”

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According to former Bond star John Rhys-Davis, audiences "aren't ready" for a gay James Bond.