Australia Gets First Trans TV Host

The Project Monday made history for Australia yesterday, as the first transgender TV host made his appearance.

The host, Andrew Guy, actually won a nationwide radio competition to be a  guest presenter on the panel show. He was very frank with his fellow hosts about his experience while transitioning.

“I still used to go to bed at night, praying that I could wake up the next day as a boy.”

Guy was introduced to the show with a clip from the documentary about his life, It’s Not About The Sex, which naturally features photos from his childhood and pre-transition.

During the documentary, Guy’s narration was frank: “As a woman with blond hair I was just doing my darnedest to be attractive, be the best woman I could. People who change their gender are just an everyday person, that eats and sleep and loves and get hurt and just lives as best they can alongside everyone else.”

When he was asked about his decision to document his transition and why he decided to do it, his answer was simple: “Education.”

He then went into a little more detail about the difficulties of his life, about his teenage years were “badly surpressed” and how he struggled to find information about transgender issues.

“I mean five years ago we didn’t have Caitlyn Jenner, we didn’t have the likes of those individuals, so it was really a frontier when I thought nobody knows much about this.”

He has received an outpouring of support, with some even suggesting that he should become a permanent member of the show.