Australian Nick Jensen Threatens To Divorce Wife If Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Legal

Despite the Australian government facing an increasing amount of pressure to legalise same-sex marriage within the country, but not all Australian’s believe that it’s the right move.

Nick Jensen wrote to the Canberra CityNews and said that he will divorce his wife if gay marriage becomes legal, but he will continue to live with her and the Christian couple will continue to consider themselves married.

Jensen is currently the director of the Lachlan Macquarie Institute which is an internship program designed for “fostering a greater appreciation of the relevance of a Christian worldview to public policy.”

Nick Jensen wrote: “My wife and I just celebrated our 10-year anniversary. But later this year, we might be getting a divorce.”

He pointed they married at just 21-years-old and had been together in high-school. “You see, after our divorce, we’ll continue to live together, hopefully for another 50 years. And, God willing, we’ll have more children. We’ll also continue to refer to each other as “husband” and “wife” and consider ourselves married by the Church and before God.

“Marriage is the union of a man and a woman before a community in the sight of God. And marriage of any couple is important to God regardless of whether that couple recognises God’s involvement or authority in it.

“If our federal parliament votes to change the timeless and organic definition of marriage later on this year, it will have moved against the fundamental and foundational building block of Australian society and, indeed, human culture everywhere.

“Indeed, it raises a red flag when a government decides it is not content only having sovereignty over land, taxes and the military — but ‘words’ themselves.

“This is why we are willing to divorce. By changing the definition of marriage, ‘marriage’ will, in years to come, have an altogether different sense and purpose.”

The comments section of Canberra news is largely filled with users who disagree with the couples decision and the magazine for featuring the column.