Australian Parliament Now Has “Clear Majority” for Marriage Equality

While the ultimate result from the Australian federal election is yet unknown, one thing that has come out is that thanks to those elections, the majority of MPs and Senators now support marriage equality.

As we all know, a Parliament vote was blocked by current PM Malcolm Turnbull, instead opting for a public plebiscite in order to avoid a rift with his own MPs. However, there have been many comments about this unnecessary expense, especially from opposition leader Bill Shorten.

Following the election, preliminary votes show that the two main parties are neck and neck, with smaller parties gaining seats as well. Due to the close call, and the seats given to smaller parties, it isn’t yet known if either party can form a government.

It will take some time before the final result is clear, but advocacy groups are saying that there is a clear majority for same-sex marriage either way.

Dr Shirleene Robinson, Australian Marriage Equality spokesperson said: “This election has delivered more MPs who back marriage equality for every Australian. Over the past two months, Australian Marriage Equality has undertaken its largest ever election campaign in more than 30 seats across Australia. In many seats where AME has run its election campaign, we have seen support shift from communities and MPs for marriage equality.”

“Our national team of volunteers and supporters worked tirelessly in seats such as Capricornia, Macarthur, Hindmarsh and Barton where we now have MPs backing marriage equality. This election saw a record number of LGBTI candidates and we welcome new supporting MPs such as Tim Wilson in Goldstein and Trevor Evans in Brisbane.”

“Now that the election is over, marriage equality should be achieved by a free vote in the parliament. The support levels right across the political spectrum is wonderfully encouraging and shows that marriage equality is an issue that transcends party politics.”

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Australian Parliament Now Has
Article Name
Australian Parliament Now Has
The Australian Parliament now has a "clear majority" for marriage equality, no matter the election results.