Aydian Dowling Is Runner Up In Men’s Health Cover Competition

We’ve spoken a lot about Aydian Dowling recently, as he made it into the finals of the Men’s Health cover competition.

Aydian had been taking the Ultimate Guy search by storm, having come first by a large margin in the opening stages of the competition.

Now, he has come in second place to Tim Boniface. This means that he won’t be on the cover, but will still appear in a spread in the magazine.

Aydian discussed his finishing as runner up on Facebook, saying: “As some of you may already know, I did not get the title of 2015 Mens Health Ultimate Guy. Of course I hold feelings of disappointment for what could have been an amazing opportunity for our visibility as a community.”

“The work we have put in the last 6 months was and is still completely relevant to our movement to full Transgender Rights and Equality. I would like to fully congratulate the winner – Tim, and ALL the other guys who shared this amazing journey with me! For their dedication to their communities and for the new family we have created. I would also like to Thank each and every one of the over 72 THOUSAND people who voted a Transman to the Number 1 spot on the Readers Choice List!”

“Please do remember that this fight for Transgender rights, inclusivity, and visibility is not over! Our community, together with our allies, have made a big mark in the minds and hearts of the main stream media. We joined together and showed that we have a voice that is LOUD and PROUD! Let’s continue this fight and together we will all be embraced for our journey to authenticity.”

Even though Aydian didn’t end up winning, he still did very well for himself and also managed to raise awareness of transgender people along the way.

You can check out his Youtube channel, BeefHeads Fitness, here and his clothing line Point 5cc here.

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Aydian Dowling Is Runner Up In Men’s Health Cover Competition
Article Name
Aydian Dowling Is Runner Up In Men’s Health Cover Competition
Transgender bodybuilder Aydian Dowling is runner up in the Men's Health cover competition.