B52 Singer Kate Pierson Marries Partner Patricia Coleman

E!Online have reported that Kate Pierson, singer in the B52’s, spent the weekend roaming Hawaii in order to marry her long time partner, Monica Coleman.

The ceremony was attended by all the other band members, as well as the singer Sia Furler and her husband, Erik Anders Lang.

One of Kate’s’s representatives spoke to E! about the ceremony, giving us some details on who did the speeches: “Sia performed the song she wrote for the couple, ‘Crush Me With Your Love,’ on Pierson’s first solo album, Guitars and Microphones, and was accompanied by the famous Hawaii music group the Lim Family, who serenaded the attendees during the event. Fred Schneider made the best man speech.”

The gowns both of them wore were suitably unconventional, with Kate donning a pink Victorian-influenced dress, and Patricia wearing a simple yet lovely gold gown. Kate took to social media to share some of the best pictures from her wedding, and happily cried “Married now! @monicanation” on Twitter.

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