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Your baby loves to be close to you, and from the moment he or she arrives on this planet, she will enjoy the closeness and contact that she has with other human beings. Research has shown that infants just two hours old make their first attempts to communicate by closely studying their parent’s facial expressions and gestures and listening to their tone of voice.

 A baby’s interest in people and faces is all part of their bonding process – the ability to form a bond with the people closest to them in their environment, those who will go on to become their family both technically and emotionally, and to protect them from harm.

Bonding develops during the first twelve months primarily by babies having close contact with their parents, and it is acknowledged that skin-to-skin is the best form of this, as well as by listening to their parents’ voices. When a parent carries their baby they are able to see, interpret and meet their baby’s needs. Physical closeness creates an emotional bond that is crucial for a child’s development.

Katie Hilton, a UK BSc Registered Midwife, MSc Registered Health Visitor, says:

“There is nothing in the world that comes close to the feeling of having your baby close to you in your arms; the feeling of your child sleeping against your chest. During the early days with a newborn, parents usually have the luxury of being able to enjoy these beautiful early moments and develop the bond of a lifetime.”


BabyBjörn Baby Carriers offer parents the opportunity to have their baby close to them for longer, allowing this essential bonding process to flourish, whilst at the same time allowing parents to be hands-free to get things done.

When founder Björn Jakobson, who is still very much part of the home-grown Swedish family brand, developed the first baby carrier in 1973, he described the experience of carrying his own daughter close to his heart, like “being in seventh heaven”. He went on to say that “The goal of all our baby carriers is for parents to love carrying their children – and for the baby to love being carried by his/her parents.”

As with all BabyBjörn products extensive research has been undertaken with real families and medical experts from around the world, including those at the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, to ensure that the carriers are safe and simple to use and place babies in the optimal ergonomic position for their age and weight, crucially supporting a baby’s neck, hips and back.

It is important to BabyBjörn that their baby carriers are easy to put on for parents – even in the middle of the night, without assistance. And that it is just as easy to put children in and take children out of them without them waking up. This is one of the many reasons why BabyBjörn baby carriers are recommended by paediatricians and child psychologists the world over.

With the new generation BabyBjörn One and We carriers, the child is placed in the baby carrier on the parent’s front and then as they grow, with one simple motion, they can be moved then onto the parent’s back allowing parents and infants to experience the joys of carrying for longer.

With simple adjustments the new BabyBjörn baby carriers adapt to the needs of both parent and baby for super-comfortable carrying; with new features including luxuriously padded shoulder straps, supportive waist and back support and new colourways including a blue and grey denim print as well as a cool mesh fabric. The Baby Carrier One or We fits from newborn (3.5 kilos) right up to 3 years (15 kilos) for years of happy carrying and bonding; whatever your lifestyle.

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Baby Bjorn | Close Encounters
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Baby Bjorn | Close Encounters
A look at Baby Bjorn baby carriers.