Beating Cancer Via Prostate Cancer Research Centre

Prostate cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed male cancers in the UK in men aged 50 and over.

It’s vital that men and their partners know what symptoms to look out for. The early diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer is key to preventing its spread, especially in the most aggressive forms of this cancer.

Men should get themselves checked out if they experienced any of the following symptoms but should not panic as it would not mean they had prostate cancer:

Difficulty or pain in passing urine

  • Having to rush to the toilet to urinate
  • Frequent visits to the toilet, especially at night
  • Starting and stopping while urinating
  • Dribbling urine
  • A feeling of not having emptied the bladder fully

 Every year more than 40,000 men in the UK are diagnosed with prostate cancer and 11,000 men die as a result of the disease. That’s one man every hour.


The causes of prostate cancer are unknown although it is more common in some ethnic groups and diet has an effect. There is evidence that it runs in families. Men have about double the chance of developing it if their father or brother has prostate cancer.

Compared with breast cancer, prostate cancer is woefully under-funded and under-researched. There has been little improvement in the treatment or survival of men with advanced prostate cancer since hormone therapy was introduced 60 years ago. New treatments are needed to enable more men to survive longer and with better quality of life.

The Prostate Cancer Research Centre (PCRC) is a registered charity carrying out vital and pioneering research to give a better understanding of the disease and how to treat it.

Our mission is to improve the survival rates of men with prostate cancer. The PCRC is based at Kings College London and is one of the leading centres for prostate cancer research in the UK.


Current research focuses on four key projects:

  • The role of Plexin B1 in the spread of prostate cancer
  • The role of stem cells which drives the growth of the cancer
  • Novel immunotherapies which support the body’s own immune system in fighting the disease
  • Using “Off label drugs” which are used to treat other illnesses to combat prostate cancer

Each year we need to raise over £1.5 million to support the work of our scientists and keep them at the cutting edge of prostate cancer research.

You can help now by texting PRID35 £10 to 70070 to donate £10, by taking part in one of our exciting challenge events, by holding your own fundraising event or visit our website and make a donation.

You can make it happen!

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