Best Christmas Jumpers for 2016

Christmas is almost here! As we begin the final countdown to Yuletide, let’s give the red tinted spotlight to some last minute Christmas jumpers that will liven up any Christmas Day or Boxing Day meal.

Christmas jumpers are a funny lot, as all of them are deliberately and wonderfully tacky, but it can be difficult to find the real gems. Some of these might not be available when you click, so we’ll be sure to provide lots of variety.

First off, let’s start off with this “I Know What You Did Last Christmas” jumper from Funky Christmas Jumpers. This one I like as it is just the right level of tacky while also referencing one of the best so-bad-it’s-good slasher films. You can also get it in red (and a fair bit cheaper from Pretty Little Thing).


The next one also treads that paper thin line of just tacky enough vs whoa calm down there, while also having the bonus of making you or your partner look like a Christmas pudding. This one is a bit more cheap and cheerful than the one above, which is definitely a plus for something that’s going to be worn once a year.


This simple yet amusing jumper is available at Morrison’s.

The next one is sure to raise the eyebrow of that Aunt you only see once every year, but perfect for those (like myself) with a slightly filthy sense of humour. Why not bring a little simple whit to the Christmas table? This is a Primark offering, so you know it’s not going to break the bank.51primarkuk_811321202134516Next up is a classic that’s been floating around a couple of years, and thankfully it’s not as expensive as it once was. But, if you want to defy the tradition of an actual Christmas theme for your Christmas jumper, then how about this Tesco value Christmas jumper? This way, you can celebrate Christmas while also being the only one without a bright red woolen jumper with reindeer on it. You can pick this up at Amazon.


One of our earlier offerings had a quote from a classic (?) film, and so does this next one – but a bit more appropriately themed for the season. It also references a film that is undoubtedly watching in thousands of homes every single year, meaning that being able to say complete lines from it is basically a genetic trait at this point. This one does fall into the “bright red with reindeer” trap, but I think the classic quote makes up for it.


I think that’s it! As with every year, there are a huge amount of Christmas jumpers on display, ranging from tastefully tacking to vomit inducingly bright and colourful, and we hope that all of our suggestions for some last minute Xmas jumpers have fallen in the former category.

From all of us here at Pride Life, have a wonderful Christmas and New Years, no matter the jumper you choose.

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Best Christmas Jumpers for 2016
Article Name
Best Christmas Jumpers for 2016
Christmas is almost here, so here are some last minute recommendations for the best Christmas jumpers for 2016!