Best LGBT Winter Holiday Destinations 2015

Looking for a winter getaway? Here we have some of the best destinations this winter; whether you’re looking for sun or snow!

These destinations are in no particular order.

If you’re setting off from the UK, you probably want a break from the dreary British weather, so let’s begin with some sun.

The destination of Riviera Maya, Mexico is a very popular gay travel destination, and it’s absolutely stuffed with options. Prices with flights and a week’s stay don’t come cheap, but the scenery and choice of things to do more than makes it worth it. They can range from £868 per person to £1465 per person, with numerous resorts available here being all inclusive. Check out some options here.

Grand Palladium Colonial Resort & Spa

There are both family friendly and adults only options available, so this could be something for family, or a private getaway for you and your partner. There are numerous options for you to choose from, and  just one example is the Grand Palladium Colonial Resort & Spa. This is a giant complex of five hotels, with its own private beach, a selection of bars, restaurants and adults only pools. Not to mention that the entire place looks gorgeous.

Let’s move on from the simmering sands of Mexico, to the chilly yet beautiful environs of Salzburg, Austria.

Salzburg is something a little different, with lots to see and explore  and a fair collection of gay bars to try out. You can find out more here.

If you want to try your hand at skiing, it appears as if you’re looking at a not too shabby journey of one hour to the nearest resort. If you’re after something with skiing on your doorstep, Salzburg isn’t the destination for you. You can take a look at the resorts, here.


If you’re a Sound of Music fan, you’ll love Salzburg, as it’s chock full of locations where the film was shot. You can read more about Salzburg here and here.

In terms of price, Salzburg is pretty cheap to do, with flights and hotels costing around £300 per person depending on your choice of hotel. Not too bad at all for a cheeky getaway chock full of culture.

Next up is a destination that needs no introduction: Las Vegas. November and December are Las Vegas’ coldest months, with an average of about 8 degrees centigrade. While that is miles better than the UK, which is usually round 2-3 degrees and sometimes dips below zero.

There is no lack of things to do, with numerous gay bars and clubs scattered around. Not to mention the countless shows that are on all throughout November and December. Even if you’re not into gambling, Las Vegas is absolutely brimming with unique events, shows, and places to visit. And if you are into your gambling… that speaks for itself.


Here you can see the shows in November and December, and see the selection of casinos here.

Flights with hotel can range from £684 per person to £1,300 per person.

Let’s finish up with something a little closer to home, with Scotland. A recent report has shown that 77% of people consider Scotland a LGBT friendly place, so get on this destination while it’s hot.

Scottish weather in the winter can be a bit bracing, so be sure to dress warm. The scenery of Scotland is worth the trip in itself, with stunning mountain ranges, lakes, and all kinds of gorgeous locations. If you fancy yourself an explorer, there are plenty of sights to see. The first location of choice is probably going to be Edinburgh, which has a nice selection of gay bars, clubs and saunas. See more here.


The second Scottish choice is, of course, Glasgow, which also has a ton to do for the LGBT person with a nice selection of clubs, restaurant and hotels. Get a look see, here.

Glasgow is roughly £700 for two people with flights and hotels, with Edinburgh costing roughly £516 per person.

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All prices are rough estimates taken from Expedia, aside from Riveria Maya, Mexico. The price shown there was from First Choice.

Best Winter LGBT Holiday Destinations 2015
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Best Winter LGBT Holiday Destinations 2015
Looking for a winter getaway? Here we look at some of the hottest LGBT holidat destinations for 2015.