Billy Eichner on Timon, and the “Bert and Ernie” Question

Actor Billy Eichner, known for his roles in “Difficult People” and “Billy on the Street,” made some strong points in a recent Buzzfeed interview relating to his upcoming role as Timon in the remake of “The Lion King.” Eichner gave praise to director Job Favreau for having Timon played by a gay actor, as people will remember Nathan Lane’s outstanding performance of the character in the 90s animated version. He points out that he, like Lane, didn’t play the character as “gay,” but just acted the role as himself, with whatever quirks are required of the character, but letting his own sensibilities shine through. He goes on to express how he would like for there to just be openly LGBT characters in more pieces of media, so people don’t have to be asking the “Bert and Ernie” question.