Bipartisan effort to block Trump’s transgender ban

Senators Gillibrand (l) and Collins


Two US Senators have joined together in a bipartisan attempt to block president Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military.

Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Republican Senator Susan Collins have filed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act which, if accepted, would prevent the Department of Defence barring transgender people from serving in the military solely on account of their gender identity.

Following a tweet in July, the President issued a memo in August saying that he would ban any new transgender recruits from joining the military.

He asked his Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to make a decision on transgender people currently serving in the military.

There is no guaranteed that Gillibrand and Collins’ amendment will be successful as it needs 60 votes to be passed and is just one of many proposed amendments to the Act.

Gillibrand said: “Any individual who wants to join our military and meets the standards should be allowed to serve, period. Gender identity should have nothing to do with it.”